Iraq’s a Mess: Let Me Think About It

The entire US adventure in Iraq is turning out to be for naught.

The news portrays dire circumstances. They’re right. It’s worse than dire, it’s a debacle. Is it too late for the USA to intervene in some way and save lives? Yes. The USA can make targeted air strikes, which the Iraqi government has been asking for the last 2 months and those strikes may indeed stem the tide. A bit.

So today I’m reading on line that the White house is going to make a decision this weekend. Maybe. Way to go being on top of a huge international crisis.
Plus, they’ve mostly announced the strategy of airstrikes. Do they think these ISIS fighters don’t have access to cable TV? So now they spread out a bit, in civilian populated areas so that air strikes will kill masses of civilians. That’s the way to get the people on your side.

If the White House had any sense, which they don’t appear to, they would’ve started the strikes, then announced them. Do it first, and then claim success. That’s what Clinton did. That’s what Bush did in Afghanistan in 2001.

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