No One’s Listening to You

I think the reason that the SJW’s are always in such a rage is that outside their tribe, no one cares.

Stay with me for a moment. These folks espouse a specific ideology and will not countenance any disagreement or even question of their views. They don’t meet questions or disagreement with reason, they respond by shouting down their opponent.

We that want to live by reason are anathema to their ideas because those ideas will not stand up to the most basic scrutiny. The attitude is “How dare you question me?”. We’ve even been compared to C.H.U.D’s (I actually had to ask someone what that meant back then.).

This is no way to win over support for any cause. All that occurred was that people turned them off completely. Every word written or spoken about their SJW cause provides nothing but reasons for not wanting to be involved.

These SJW’s promote, dare I say, hate within their own group and have even found ways to feed on what were once there own if the tiniest amount of reason is injected into the conversation by one of their believers. Maybe I’m going too far with that word. Note though, that some once praised have been banished forever and now are now some of their most fervent critics.

I don’t worry about them taking over the community of reason. They have none. I pay attention to them so that I may draw attention to those that attempt to create chaos and drive a wedge.

So far though, their tactics are for naught because no one really listens to them. Let’s make sure we keep it that way.

4 thoughts on “No One’s Listening to You

  1. Let’s face it, we only take the little notice of them that we do because they’re amusing. They can say some of the most ridiculous stuff going & the fact that a couple of them actually had, at one time some kudos in the community makes what they have become baffling. As far as actual relevance, they squandered any they had long ago, i don’t think anyone really takes anything they say seriously outside of their dwindling echo chamber. It’s only a matter of a short time IMO before we get bored with their shrieking & wailing & they become a footnote in the history of online Atheism.


    • I believe you’re right on the whole, but there are times they tend to inflict damage. I believe it’s knowingly. As long as some can advance their agenda they’ll do and say anything to make that happen(Recall WISCFI 2). So far, mostly no success because they are empty. Just filled with rage. I keep coming back to the idea I’ve forwarded a few times that they’re egos are hurt. They want to be a voice. They’re upset they aren’t. Rage. No change. Vicious circle. Yeah, vicious.


  2. I have to disagree that their tactics have been ineffective and that nobody is listening. Like you mentioned in a previous post, they have established a real foothold at U.S. universities. And in the atheist community, most of the national organizations have given them a voice, cater to them to some degree, and continue to invite some of them to speak at conventions. It seems to me that they have acquired a certain amount of power, and this could make joining them seem appealing to some.


    • I don’t have a problem with them speaking, as long as it’s on subjects that are not divisive. I also don’t notice a lot of participation at large events anymore. Maybe I just am not paying enough attention. They used to “shout to the rafters” whenever they were going to hob-nob with the “atheist elite” (?). I don’t see that anymore.
      A recent example of something not divisive is a video vy Rebecca Watson on a study about male/female hurricane naming. It was actually pretty good! Back to the “old Rebecca” that everyone enjoyed listening to.
      Fr a while though, there were talks, articles, posts on subjects that they clearly know nothing about or if they did, didn’t cite any experts in the related field. They were mostly “rants” against something.
      I don’t see them gaining the power they thought they had or maybe even had at one time. Too many bridges burned (TAM, CFI for 2 ex.).


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