Call An Ambulance!

I either just had a stroke or have become delusional. There’s a video by one of the SJW’s that I actually agreed with, mostly.

It’s a recent video by Rebecca Watson, discussing a recent study by researchers at the University of Illinois. This study discusses the difference in death rates with Hurricanes names after women versus men and goes on to say that people are more likely to evacuate if the hurricane has a male name than a female name.

In this short video, she takes it apart and shows how the research is flawed. It’s really a good video. There were only two small points of contention I had with her presentation and I’ll get to those in a moment.

This video reminds me of the “old “ Rebecca that did a lot of YouTube videos that debunked bad science and research. You know, before the “rift”. I believe it’s content like this that originally made her reputation in the skeptic community and I applaud her for returning to furthering skepticism in the community.

Now for my two minor points of contention. Near the end, she briefly discusses a flawed psychological survey. She’s absolutely correct in her description that the survey is poor. She makes a minor mistake in I beleve when she ends that part by saying that “99% of Psychological research is bullshit”. Well, I don’t think she knows that for a fact. I wouldn’t have a problem with the statement overall if she had begun the sentence with “In my opinion”.

Lastly, even though she pretty well ripped this study, she says it shouldn’t be discarded. Well, yes it should if it’s a bad study. It should be completely ignored.

Beyond those two minor points though, I think the video is worth your time.

One thought on “Call An Ambulance!

  1. A line thrown across “the rift”? 😉

    But in passing, I would have said that she could have said “a lot of psychological research is bullshit”, although the upshot is more or less the same as your alternative. But the dogmatism in the original seems rather incongruous with her supposed championing of skepticism – I wonder how the latter sits with PZ.


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