Dr. Oz Plays Dr.

I’m watching the World Cup on ABC (in the USA) today. They played a commercial, really a teaser for a new reality show a little while ago and I thought, “You’ve got to be joking!”.

The show is called NY Med and is a show that follows Dr.’s and their staff around during their day. That’s not really the disturbing thing though. Hey great: a real show about DR.’s and patients, right?

What got my attention was I would swear they featured our favorite purveyor of woo, Dr. Oz in the tease. So I went to my source of information about TV and movies, IMDB. Yep, he’s on the show. He’s featured in 4 of the 8 episodes.

I guess because his daytime talk show is so popular that the producers thought featuring him would gain them a larger “share” in the ratings. It probably will.

Skepticism isn’t allowed here.

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