Memento Mori

Did you ever know one of those kids in school that just had to be treated with care of they’d either burst into tears and run away or start a fight?

Not that they were weak or bullies necessarily, it’s just that they were unable to cope with any time of confrontation.

For months I been talking about The Usual Suspects and the SJW’s as people that have problems with esteem or that their egos were so out of proportion that there was never any room for consent.

Those kids I just mentioned? That’s them. The problem is when someone lives in a bubble and are repeatedly told that that everything they say or do is perfect. There’s no correction for mistakes and no consequences for actions because, well, there are no mistakes. Like those kids whose parents told them they were perfect constantly. They can’t take any criticism because in their minds, there’s nothing to criticize.

Now maybe some of these kids grew up to be great corporate or political leaders. I doubt it. Great leaders are those that have scratched their way to the top, having made and learned from mistakes made along the way. They also listen and learn from people along the way.

As I said on multiple occasions, these are people that desire to be leaders of both the atheist and skeptic communities. The problem is that they have none of the attributes that make good leaders. No thinking person wants to follow someone that has the possibility of leading them off a cliff. We’ve already seen that happen with some.

We’re all human and fallible. Most of us know that. Most of us are able to change and adapt because we want to succeed. Most of us, as the adage goes, put down the shovel before the hole becomes too deep.

Memento Mori.

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