Shut Up And Listen

No, this post isn’t about militant feminism that doesn’t want to even know that there may be another point of view.

This post is about what I like to refer to as militant theism. Not in the sense that all theists are out looking to imprison or kill their opponents ; just that all others, especially those skeptical about theism, if they just shut up and listened, would know the truth.

Come to think of it, it does sound like militant feminism, doesn’t it?

It’s a sorry state when atheists are asked on TV panels to discuss for instance church/state issues and then are shouted down (think David Silverman, who appears on TV frequently) because we (atheists) “just don’t understand why this country was formed”.

The misinformation that is put forth by these “journalists” is astounding, isn’t it?

What can we as a minority of reason do to stem the tide that seems to be rushing against us, especially in the US. Oh, you don’t think so? What about the recent court decision to allow prayer in public meetings? Decisions like this will affect this country for at least the next generation, if not more.

I’m not advocating giving in to these absurdities. We do however need to be able to have a platform where we can speak without being told to shut up. We’re not even close to having that now. Once people realize we’re not immoral or evil, that what w seek is nothing more than freedom from oppressive ancient mythologies and don’t want our laws based on them, it’s possible for us to make headway.

It’s going to be a long, tough road. We need to stick with it and not be discouraged.

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