Jaclyn Glenn: Enabler of All Evil

I guess American Atheists have no shame. They host a show and one of the guests? Jaclyn Glenn, enemy of the future state of SJW.

There wasn’t much to the post, just an announcement of the AA hangout and the comment :”Yeah. I’m afraid this just isn’t working out”

That’s not the best part though. In the few comments, one person mentioned how AA was becoming irrelevant. No, says our Brave SJW, not irrelevant:


I guess quality is subjective.

One thought on “Jaclyn Glenn: Enabler of All Evil

  1. Woe betide that American -ATHEISTS- invite popular and prominent atheists to champion their cause, instead of only FTB approved dramabloggers who have basically founded their own religion anyhow.

    I actually don’t like Jacklyn Glen at all, and Penn Jilette is not that interesting when he’s talking atheism (he’s hilarious and great at entertaining, but I don’t think he says anything about atheism that someone else hasn’t said better a dozen times.), but at least they are known to speak on the topic at hand, instead of whatever their own agenda is that day.

    Oafy if you read this, consider that not everyone at AA (and the world at large) views atheism as a cudgel to wield in the name of gender politics, and then you’ll know why AA is all about the Jacklyn Glens and Penn Jilettes. (Hint: no matter how many times you re-arrange the letters in “American Atheists” it will never spell “gender politics”.)


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