Hobby Lobby : The World Did Not End

I didn’t comment on the recent Supreme Court decision on Hobby Lobby, and for good reason: It means nothing for women as to their reproductive rights.

In the Affordable Care Act, there are 20 forms of contraception for women listed: this case had to do with a total of 4 of those. Those are ones the owners of that company considered abortifacients. The company believes that violates their religious principles. So, in fact, the company was not preventing women employees access to contraception. Just to those 4 devices/drugs.

Now, I don’t happen to agree with that, but it doesn’t require the wailing, gnashing of teeth and waving of hands I saw from most people on Twitter and elsewhere. I mean, really, slippery slope? No, I don’t see it and the court was specific from my reading(I’m not a legal expert).

So there were many calls for people to boycott Hobby Lobby. Sure, let’s place more people in the unemployment line.

By the way were you aware that Hobby Lobby pays a minimum wage of $14 an hour for full time employees? For part timers, it is $9.50. Now that’s not great by any living standard but if you want to boycott, how about those that are still paying the federal minimum?

And maybe we should all be looking to see what our own companies provide. Does yours provide those devices/drugs? If you’re in a company plan, it’s possible that your company does not cover those. I looked at mine and found that my company plan does not cover at least 2 of them. They don’t have to right now because the “Employer Mandate” has now been delayed until 2016. Next month it’ll probably be delayed again (being sarcastic).

So let’s all step back a moment. The world did not end. Women still have access to reproductive services., even at Hobby Lobby.

3 thoughts on “Hobby Lobby : The World Did Not End

  1. For me this case is more about the implications for preferential treatment of religion rather than the affects it may have on access of women to contraceptives. I suggest reading Justice Ginsbergs dissent. This decision provides preferential treatment to religion over non-religion. It also potentially carves out preferential exemptions for some religious sects over other religious sects. It potentially opens the door to other religious exemption claims by corporations, such as blood transfusions opposed by Jehovahs Witnesses.


  2. “Sure, let’s place more people in the unemployment line.”

    Do you honestly think this is the most persuasive reason not to boycott Hobby Lobby? When has a boycott of a large corporation ever resulted in a reduction in their labor force?

    “Now that’s not great by any living standard but if you want to boycott, how about those that are still paying the federal minimum?”

    First, I think a boycott of businesses that limit their pay to the federal minimum wage is a good suggestion. But why should such a boycott rule out a boycott of Hobby Lobby? That said, it is very unlikely that a boycott of Hobby Lobby will gain much traction.

    I have long boycotted Hobby Lobby. Why? Because I refuse to aid in any way the owners of a business who use a sizable portion of their wealth from this enterprise in the fight to weaken the separation of church and state principle. One example is the funding by David Green, Hobby Lobby founder and CEO, of a bible curriculum that he is now attempting to introduce into our public schools.


    • I believe corporations do good and bad things. not necessarily “bad” in the sense of universally, but things individuals don’t like. I will not boycott Hobby Lobby like I wil not boycott Walmart or Target (2 off the top of my head).


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