Seriously? No.

I often think that many in our skeptic community tend to take ourselves entirely too seriously.

Think about it for a moment; do you ever consider yourself smarter than others around you? Do you believe you’re better informed than the hoi polloi? If that term has ever entered your thoughts when speaking with others then you’re part of the problem.

We tend to want to gravitate to those that are of a similar mind. We want to be appreciated for our intellectual prowess amongst those we consider our peers and bask in the adulation we receive because of our wit.

All we are doing is preaching to the choir. We’re not convincing anyone else of any of our arguments because no one outside our little Church of Skepticism is listening to us.

We tend to want to speak instead of pausing for a moment to listen. We come across as arrogant because we’re viewed as know-it-alls when in fact, to others, we really don’t seem to know very much that’s outside of the manual.

Some can’t seem to take even the slightest of criticism – even within the community. We certainly don’t want to be questioned on our sacred knowledge by outsiders.

I do. I want people to challenge me as a skeptic. I want to listen instead of always talking. I want to be able to change minds and make friends at the same time. I want to step outside my comfort zone and circle to make an actual difference without being seen as an arrogant ass. I want people to take me seriously without being seen as taking myself serious.

Maybe, we should start by laughing at ourselves instead of others.

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