Tweeting Stupid

There I times when I scan my Twitter feed, I see a re-tweet by someone that makes me sit back and say, “Huh?”

In this case, it’s this tweet:

What the hell does that even mean? The second part of the statement makes absolutely no sense at all, to me at least. What does “gender their kids” even mean in the context of the first part of the statement?

Then look at the first response. How does “gender the shit…” makes “it” go away?

Still wondering what “it” means as well. I guess I’m just not educated enough in these people’s world to interpret anything said. It must be some sort of “special code” that the rest of us are not supposed to be privy to and maybe, in this case, we shouldn’t.

I tend to see some sort of self victimization here, but I can’t say for sure as there’s really no context for the first tweet and comparing “TERF” to waffles also baffles me somewhat.

I think this is why I started ignoring these types of tweets in my time line.

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