Blogging: Saying What Needs To Be Said

What I’ve learned if anything in my short time writing this blog is that there are some subjects that may be tricky to espouse.

It’s not that the subject is difficult, it’s just that I am sometimes not sure how much I want to say about a particular topic. Why am I addressing this, you may be asking yourself?

I was reading one of my favorite sites today and the writer there asks some very good questions. So I thought I would try as someone still new to this medium to speak to some of what he discusses.

As you’ve probably noticed, I write about a lot of different subjects, trying to focus the individual topics on skepticism. It’s hard to do and not become personally involved with any one subject so in my defense, I try to focus on the stupid. Yes, those things people write or say that just don’t seem reasonable to me.

If you’ve followed this blog for any time, you’ve noticed that overall, my posts have become shorter; That’s mainly due to not wanting to rant on and on but make a point as succinctly as possible and allow the reader to judge for themselves.

In doing that though, am I holding back? Well, yes, I would say in some cases I do hold back. Based on the number of views of a particular article, or even comments, I discover what those that read this blog are interested in reading about.

I’m not particularly worried about reaction, because for me it’s hit and miss. I don’t concern myself that I might be delving into a subject that may adversely affect readership here. If you like this site, you’ll come back. If you don’t…

So you see articles on all sorts of topics, again, trying to keep it mostly pointed toward being a skeptic. Sometimes not.

I don’t avoid content other than it is boring to me. If I don’t find it at least marginally interesting, I won’t write about it because I’m no different than anyone else.

I’m not afraid of writing about anything although I do try to temper my words. That’s the process of growth for me as a blogger. Earlier on, not so much. It’s not about offending anyone in particular, it’s about having a voice that sounds reasonable to the reader. Ranting on, name calling, etc., is good for a moment, but is the stuff of immaturity.

Mainly I write because I have something I want to say. Why else do this? I will not compromise my principles nor will I write just for the hits. I’ll always attempt to write with reason and thoughtfulness without holding back what I really think.

I think this is the longest post I’ve had in a while…

2 thoughts on “Blogging: Saying What Needs To Be Said

  1. Thanks for the mention. I need to get over worries about others’ reactions, particularly when they involve the sort of misinterpretation I can’t do much about anyway. Your point about writing because you have something to say is the key thing for me to. That freedom of expression piece is such a big part of it that I’d see little reason to keep going without it.

    What I like about your short posts is exactly how you describe them here – make your point and let the reader decide. I need to think in these terms more often. I’ve noticed that the more ambivalent or conflicted I am about a subject, the longer the post tends to be. It may be time to experiment with some shorter and more focused writing.


    • I try to be brief. The post I wrote yesterday on the Catholic Church – I could’ve gone on for pages. I was hoping for more reaction from readers (I received exactly zero). This is a subject I rarely write on so I am not totally surprised that there was no reaction. I am also surprised when a “throw away” post on occassion gets a lot of reaction.


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