Never Let the Facts Get in the Way

After the now-infamous Hobby Lobby ruling, there was another earthquake that seemed to shake progressives to their core.

Several religious leaders sent President Obama a letter requesting that “religious organizations will not be automatically disqualified or disadvantaged in obtaining government contracts because of their religious beliefs”.

Of course, one of the progressives favorites, Rachel “Never Let The Facts Interfere With a Good Story” Maddow was all over this letter basically saying that because of the Hobby Lobby ruling, that the “floodgates” were opening and that religious organizations were going to be able to discriminate in hiring.

Well, guess what? Religious organizations have been exempted for a long time over some federal hiring rules.

Somehow though, this single letter has morphed into a way to discriminate against gays when in fact, until recently, the gay lobby supported the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which basically had that exemption within the bill! Now, because of Hobby Lobby, which had nothing to do with hiring practices, that same lobby has pulled its support from the bill.

It’s now looking like that there are some that will use the Hobby Lobby ruling as an excuse to complain about anything that might have to do with religion.

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