Russell Blackford Speaks (Updated 7/31/14)

Well, it looks like a lot of people are chiming in on todays “tsunami”.

I just read a tweet from Dr. Russell Blackford. I’m not sure he’s speaking directly to what I’ve recently written about, but you read it and tell me:

My immediate response?

Dr. Blackford continues (without a direct response to me):

I came across Dr.Blackford a couple of years ago on Twitter. We had a “conversation” in which I disagreed with a proposition he made. I think at first he thought I was a troll but as the “conversation” continued, he realized I wasn’t. Suffice to say it ended well. I really respect him.

So, you tell me what he’s referring to here. Comments are always welcome and unlike others, I never delete, or ban anyone. Your opinion is always welcome here.

Addendum: If Dr. Blackford happens to read this and disagrees with what I believe he is referring to, please correct me Sir.

Updated: Tonight(July 31), Dr. Blackford adds:


2 thoughts on “Russell Blackford Speaks (Updated 7/31/14)

  1. I think your description of the attacks on Dawkins to be to broad a generalization. I haven’t read all of them. But I have read enough of them to come to the conclusion that some of the attacks have been unfair and uncharitable, but not all of them. Furthermore, some of the ones that are rightly described as unfair and uncharitable contain some parts and/or points that are fair.


  2. Oops. Just realized that it was Blackford who made the comment to which I was replying. But it may still apply here to you if, as I think is the case, you happen to agree with his statement.


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