Decency has long gone by the wayside.

What do we do? We throw epithets and slurs at one another. No one can just disagree anymore.

Although most claim to be skeptics, some can’t help but fall into logical fallicies to make their arguments. It’s becoming intolerable. It’s come to the point that no one can say anything without being attacked.

Attacking stupidity is one thing, attacking a different point of view is another.

We’re all different. We come from diverse backgrounds and have a variety of experiences that I for one used to cherish. It’s always fascinating to me to “talk” to people from different backgrounds, from different countries. Those encounters expand my knowledge of human kind.

In the last few years though, I’ve become more cynical in my approach to others. It’s difficult to say anything without being accused of something horrendous. The slightest mistake in wording can lead to a mountain slide of derision, accusations of something that doesn’t exist, and then, even more, shunning.

There’s no thinking anymore. No one can see past their own ideology or prejudice. Skepticism? Well, it takes a back seat. This, more than anything, saddens me.

I remain hopeful. There are those “voices in the wilderness” that will stand up and not allow a few to dominate the conversation. There are some that say “no” to the indecency, the incredulous accusations, the lack or reason.

Mostly, I want to applaud all of you that stand up. Those that won’t give in to the unreasonableness of some others. I’ll be more blunt: stupidity.

It’s time that we that strive for reason and decency stand together and not let a few dictate the conversation.


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