Time to Get Back to Grassroots?

Ive seen some commentary online recently concerning various organizations in the skeptic and atheist world. One comment that caught my attention was about getting back to the grassroots.

I think that may be a good idea. Instead of focusing on various national/international organizations, whats wrong with getting back to organizing in our own communities? I really believe that there’s a lot more that would be accomplished at the grassroots level than any of these “large’ organizations would ever be able to.

Think about it. The money you donate stays local. It goes to solve issues in your community. We all have our own conferences, highlighting those issues that affect the community specifically.

Sure, few are going to be able to attract “big name” speakers, but so what? why not showcase those locally that are working for positive change?

Sounds silly doesn’t it? Think though: how do national/international movements begin? The grassroots.

One thought on “Time to Get Back to Grassroots?

  1. Good point. There certainly is something to be said for keeping things local. The bigger organizations seem to try to be all things to all people, and this means that they may accommodate subgroups that probably shouldn’t be accommodated (e.g., SJWs) because they tend to be destructive.


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