#Gamergate is a Teachable Moment

I read a particularly great post today from my friend a colleague here at Skeptischism, The Subman, and I have felt compelled to comment since then.

His post, GamerGate – The Next Phase of Social Engineering is insightful and I think helps us to understand how Social Justice Warriors are attempting to insert themselves into every aspect of our daily lives.

I’ve followed the #Gamergate issue a bit from the outset; I’m not much of a gamer, I do have a PS3 and several games but I wouldn’t refer to myself as a gamer because I don’t play video games that often. When I do play however, I enjoy the experience.

I think Subman summed up what’s going on in his final paragraph:

The method is similar to that used in the atheist community. Criticize the existing structure from a biased perspective, block or disable dissenting opinions and discussion, wait for the inevitable trollish hatred and nasty comments, display the troll comments as proof of the initial problem, rinse and repeat. Click bait journalists eat this stuff up since it makes the page counter spin and they will publish the trolling as news, often completely overlooking the dozens or hundreds of reasoned rebuttals of the initial criticisms.

My sister and brother-in-law are both Professors at a well known University and I believe they would refer to that paragraph as a Teachable Moment.

What this teaches us, or should, is that there is nothing the SJW crowd won’t do. There’s not an area in our lives they won’t attempt to infiltrate, to press their agenda.

I know that most of you are aware of this but we cannot state it too many times. We need to be vigilant and speak out against the harmful ideology that these people are working overtime to press upon society. It’s more than an ideology, it’s for them, a religion.

I know the SJW’s don’t consider it either an ideology or religion, but as for religion, it does have all the same characteristics. If you don’t agree, you’re effectively excommunicated from their church. If you don’t agree, being on the outside, you’ll never inherit the SJW kingdom.

Let’s not let them impose their own version of sharia on skeptics and atheists. Challenge those that would want to make the rest of us submit to their corrosive religion.

Just like Christianity was in the first century, they’re a minority. Only by manipulating the state did that religion become dominant in the west.Now, SJW’s are doing the same, not only with the state, but with media. Let’s not let them do the same here.

3 thoughts on “#Gamergate is a Teachable Moment

  1. “…they’re a minority.”

    I think you are most probably wrong about this. I suspect that you and those who share your view on this subject are the minority.


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