What Are You Willing To Do?

It’s sometimes surprising to me there are those having never sacrificed in a war or conflict of any kind (and never will) are determined to send their own citizens and those of other countries into war where there will certainly be deaths and casualties.

I saw this tweet today from someone I generally appreciate for the work she does in skepticism.

It’s sad that a British aid worker, that’s been held hostage, was murdered today. I send my condolences to his family. No one, those reporting conflict in Syria or those attempting to provide relief to millions of refugees should be made to pay the ultimate price, losing their lives.

This post isn’t about bashing Miranda, I want you all to know this upfront. Her tweet made me think, and it should make you as well. After 13 years of constant war, are we willing to continue? Are we willing to send our children, husbands, wives, back to terminate this evil?

What’s next after that? Do we go after those murderers in Nigeria? How about the crisis that we created in Libya? Does the United States, and our allies come out directly and tell the rest of the world that we’re going to destroy terrorism wherever it arises when those countries where terrorism exists won’t help themselves?

What about those countries adjacent? Do we see those coming onboard with their armies and air forces to contain, then destroy those that, if they don’t will be in their countries next? Nope, we don’t see any of that.

What we do see is those middle eastern countries depending on the west to come to their rescue.

Well, I do agree with Miranda that we need to rid the world of this terrible disease, ISIS, but I would like to see something more from the world and not just the United States.

One thought on “What Are You Willing To Do?

  1. I’d like to ask Hale: what do vicious bastards look like from the air? Cuz, to wipe them out, we’d also need to wipe out a whole lotta collateral damages.

    It’s not enough to simply declare ISIS “evil”. ISIS is just ‘radical’ Islam, which is just the teachings of Islam taken to its logical conclusion. Religion poisons everything. The US & UK aren’t about to ‘take out’ a religion, or religious belief. When the US set up the current Afghani gov’t. it helped them write a constitution which declared it an Islamic state, and any liberties contained therein trumped by Sharia.

    We can’t fix the entire world, and we can’t fix any part of the world with military action alone. Military power defeats military power. The concept of GIs and Tommies rolling into a town and magically bringing freedom and prosperity, is an hackneyed remnant of propaganda from 70 years ago. You can only ‘liberate’ a people when they want to be free in the first place.

    Cameron is already trying to spin how the murder of a private aid worker, who chose to go to a dangerous place, threatens British national security. It doesn’t. But neither Cameron nor the drone-king, obama, are going to admit, ‘yeah, we wiped out that wedding party, killed every man, woman, child and dog in that town, because they believed in a different set of fairy stories than we do.’

    If Hale paused for a second to contemplate what exactly made her targets “vicious bastards” and what ‘wiping them out’ entailed logistically, I doubt she’d be so sanguine.


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