Ignoring “Outrage Junkies”

There’s been a bit of discussion today on Twitter about Sam Harris’ latest blog post.

I didn’t really follow the original manufactured controversy so I really don’t have anything to say about it overall. So, why am I blogging about this? Well, as I said there was a little bit of a discussion on Twitter, and of course, The Usual Suspects did their normal mud slinging so at that point I thought I might put down a few words.

Basically, I said that Mr. Harris should just ignore the howling hoard (I just came up with that by the way.) and move on because it doesn’t matter what type of defense he mounts, it’ll never be good enough for some.

What’s surprising is that I just saw a tweet from Professor Dawkins that echoes my sentiment exactly.

Of course, there’ll be more rage-blogging about that tweet I’m sure. I think Professor Dawkins is in the right space to be giving that advice as it seems he as well, no matter what he says, or how he’s tried to defend in the recent past, did no good. It only fed the fire that The Usual Suspects try to keep stoked as high as possible with certain well known people.

I’m not implying that Messrs. Harris or Dawkins cannot be wrong, or even have a moment where they misspeak. It’s just that if they do, just admit the error and move on. If they didn’t misspeak and their words are taken completely out of context or are used by people that have no understanding of the point being made (from my view, the majority of the time), then just ignore the response.

It doesn’t do anything to try and reason with some. All they’re doing is writing click-bait. Their sycophants won’t help but agree because they have no understanding anyway.

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