It’s Not Atheism, It’s a Cult

I don’t let others define who I am. I don’t let others define the parameters of what is “correct” thinking. Allowing either to happen makes those that submit becomes nothing more than being part of a bee hive, or an ant colony.

Why do any let others set the parameters for their lives? I’m speaking here about being an atheist and where there are people that want to control what you think and say. Does this make you think of anything in particular?

Right think. Wrong Think. does that help? If you are a “wrong” thinker you can never be a part of the greater good – or so that’s what they want us to believe. Having an opinion that’s outside of what is acceptable is referred to as “trolling” or “harassment” online.

I wonder how these same people would react if they came face to face with their detractors? Would they dare say the same things to someone’s face that they do online? I doubt it.

Mostly, these are cowards. Yes, I said it and I would have no problem telling certain people to their faces that they were cowards. They have no actual beliefs, unless it’s supported online by their juvenile sycophants. Without the screaming inanity of of their “followers”, they are nothing more than a nasty group of people that are upset that no one that can think for themselves will side with them.

It’s cultish in that respect. Nothing more than another cult that clothes itself as atheism.

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