The Hits Just Keep on Coming!

There’s an article thats being discussed on Twitter that is raising some eyebrows and people with what I would observe as reasonable are asking questions about.

The article, Atheists Show their Sexist Side is clearly written as a “hit piece” on what is referred to as a sexist tantrum amongst atheists. So where’s the evidence of this tantrum?

Now, just looking at the title of this piece wouldn’t give anyone pause, would it? Is there anything in the article that would justify that title? No, not really. It appears the only reseach this writer performed was to read other hit pieces.

The reason I say that is the author discusses another hit piece, by Mark Oppenheimer in Buzzfeed that describes some accusations made against some prominent atheists of, yep – rape, sexual harassment, etc. In fact, her article seems to be based entirely on his.

But then, we can take Buzzfeed as a reputable publication; They bring us articles that are timely and important to our daily lives, like How Many Boners Have You Had?

We all need to know that, don’t we?

Here’s a key part of the Nation article that really made me sit back:

At the 2013 Women in Secularism conference, Ron Lindsay, CEO of the Center for Inquiry, gave what was widely regarded as a condescending lecture to the women in attendance, accusing them of feminist bullying. (After a huge outcry, he apologized. That was good.)

No, actually the talk (it was the opening speech by the way) that Ron Lindsay gave was not “widely regarded as condescending”. It was a few radical feminists that objected to an “old, white man” giving the opening talk. Forget that he’s the CEO of the organization that was sponsoring the conference.

No, he didn’t “apologize” either. There was no “huge outcry”. He clarified his talk, and yes, some took that as an apology, but that didn’t then nor does it now exist as an apology.

So, just using that as an example, we can see where this writer has absolutely no reason to offer what she wrote as a fact. None.

Of course, the comments on that article have already been closed, before one comment could be published. I wonder why? May this is a clue:

Yep, anyone that happens to disagree must be a troll or harasser! It only makes sense of course if you live in some alternate universe. then, if someone writes a piece like this that they can’t back up except to reference another hit piece, why shouldn’t that writer have to defend what they wrote?

No, this is not the way. We need to be able to make accusations and spread rumors and not just imply sexism among atheists, but state it outright. How else are we going to receive any readership?

3 thoughts on “The Hits Just Keep on Coming!

  1. If Christian extremists had conspired to bring down organized atheism in the U.S., they couldn’t have done a better job at it than what the SJWs are doing with the help of hack journalists. Divide and conquer!


  2. ” It was a few radical feminists that objected to an “old, white man” giving the opening talk.”

    Wrong. The objection was not that he gave the talk. The criticisms were based primarily on some of the comments he made during that talk. And it was not a few feminists who criticized him. Lindsay received a considerable amount of criticism from within the ranks of CFI. I was one of those many CFI members who sent or signed letters requesting that Lindsay apologize for the remarks he made.


  3. “No, he didn’t “apologize” either.”

    Wrong. You apparently are not fully informed. Below is an excerpt from a posting Lindsay wrote at the CFI website on June 22 of 2013. It clearly is an apology.

    “I am sorry that I caused offense with my talk. I am also sorry I made some people feel unwelcome as a result of my talk. From the letters sent to me and the board, I have a better understanding of the objections to the talk.

    I am also sorry that my talk and my actions subjected my colleagues and the organization to which I am devoted to criticism.

    Please accept my apologies. ”
    — Ron Lindsay,


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