Doxxing, Because, Well, It’s Okay When We Do It

They just can’t help themselves.

I’m referring to the latest internet drama where The Usual Suspects decided to dox someone they don’t particularly like.

This is the kind of thing that happens when someone is backed into a corner and has no argument to stand on.

Recall, just a few years ago, the same people were decrying this activity when it occurred to one of their own. In that case, it wasn’t that someone that “stalked” the person, as was claimed at the time, the information was, and still is, publicly available – made available by the person who was suddenly threatened that her address was online – when she was the one that placed it online!

Then again it comes down to their maxim, It’s okay when we do it. It’s shameful and I’m certain that Dr. Sutton (BTW, she gave her name out a couple of years ago) is not hiding in a closet somewhere.

It’s just that this is the common tactic of The Usual Suspects. Make any unsubstantiated claim. Accusing others of being pedophiles, sexists, misogynists, even rapists. When that doesn’t work? Well, never back off and admit you may be wrong, go further. Release their private information on the Internet. Try to get someone fired from their job (hmmm, sounds familiar – recall Abbie Smith, anyone?).

I won’t even attempt to discern how Dr. Sutton somehow violated “medical ethics”. When any of these people use that word (ethics) it tends to make me laugh. Do any of these have a clue as to what ethical behavior is? Well, their history doesn’t prove that they have any idea.

Day, by day, these people are losing the allies that they really want to keep. For some reason, they don’t care. They make themselves irrelevant. I can’t believe that any reputable organization would want to associate with any of these people.

Let me be frank. I will no longer support any organization that would give any credence to the vileness that spews forth form any of these.

I’m not calling for a boycott of any organization, just asking that you, too, look at where your money goes and see if any of it goes to people like this. Make your own decision.

2 thoughts on “Doxxing, Because, Well, It’s Okay When We Do It

    • In general, any organization that has any of The Usual Suspects out to any of their events, I will not support. Not that I support (financially) many of them any way.


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