Sign This Petition, Send a Message

If you have a minute, go and sign this petition. It’s worth your while if you want to send a message to The Usual Suspects.

Let’s see if we can get signatures over 1,000. Hell, tweet this petition out to your followers and maybe we can get it to 10,000.

That’s a message I don’t think any of them will forget. It’s time to let bullies know that their tactics are unacceptable and if we can hit them in the wallet, so much the better.

Next? Petitions to national/international organizations demanding that none of these people ever be invited to any of their events.

They want to play hardball? Batter up!

4 thoughts on “Sign This Petition, Send a Message

  1. This is not a petition I will be signing. The doxxing of Dr. Sutton was deserved given her medical diagnosis speculations online about PZ Myers.


  2. “Deserved” under what set of rules, dogfight? Do the Shining Path Atheism revolutionaries now hold a star chamber where these sentences are handed out?

    Did you even follow the links in my article? Did you perchance read Skep tickle’s original, entirely jocular post on The Slymepit, from which I derived those links, and for which I now sincerely regret thanking her? No. You heard a sermon from swami.

    How come Myers didn’t doxx me? I’m the one who exposed his fondness for rape porn, his systematic sexist behavior, his publishing of sex dreams about his students, his condoning of bestiality. Why? Two answers. One, because all those are undeniably true! Confirmed by his own seedy words which I’ve linked.

    Two, because Paul Myers Jr. is a cowardly little shit, who’s afraid of men and likes to pick on women. He points his finger far & wide to find misogynists, when all he had to do was look in the mirror.

    Note well, dogfight, that your temerity comes from behind a ‘nym. Should we doxx you? Would you like that much? We would never do that. Be thankful we are not venal scum like PZ Myers, Ophelia Benson and Rebecca Watson.


    • No, I won’t delete the comment. The info is already out there…unfortunately. I know @Ellesun. She can take care of herself.

      I do want as many people as possible to sign the petition. Let’s take away Becky Booze’s party time. Let’s put a hole in people’s wallets.


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