Oops! My Bad!, But I’m Still Going to Attack You

The latest example of why The Usual Suspects continue to marginalize themselves is a post by the Grande Dame herself.

I guess some can’t bring themselves to offer the most meager condolence to another human being that has recently experienced a loss. No compassion, even for someone that you may philosophically disagree with on social issues. Someone that’s never uttered a disparaging word towards you personally.

But wait, there is an apology in the post. Yeah, something that a 14 year old might say. My Bad.

Not much of an apology, but then the post goes on to immediately criticize the bereaved because in her tweets, Ms. Sommers uses the #Gamergate tag.


Although…honestly…it’s a little sickening that she uses #Gamergate to thank her new pals. More than a little. But still, if I’d known that’s what the flowers were for I wouldn’t have posted.

Sure you would have. Because you’ve never displayed a scintilla of compassion for anyone other than your professional victim friends. None.

The final sentence punctuates this apology the best I believe.

I keep saying…Sommers used to be an academic, a philosopher. Now she’s down in the muck with Breitbart hacks. It’s pathetic.

Wow, that’s so nice. She’s still a philosopher. Just because she doesn’t teach anymore does not negate her credentials. If we were to use that as a standard, then your buddy Richard Carrier couldn’t be classified as an historian now could he?

Despicable is too nice a word to describe the hate that regularly comes from The Usual Suspects.

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