A White Knight for Feminism

Joss Whedon to the rescue of the SJW’s!


Wait a minute! Isn’t he an old (50), rich, white man? Why do the feminists pay any attention to him?

Way to go with the KKK comparison!

This is why I don’t pay attention to any of the hollywood-types. Most of them are just stupid. Oh, and you know what Joss? The movies and TV shows you make? Have you looked at the demographics of your audience?

I wonder how many people you just lost.

2 thoughts on “A White Knight for Feminism

  1. “I wonder how many people you just lost.”

    Are you seriously suggesting that Joss Whedon should mold his personal views to fit the demographics of those who watch his shows and movies? I thought you were an advocate of the notion that everyone should think for themselves.


    • No. I just think that comparing Gamers to the KKK is a no-win for him. He makes sciff/fantasy stuff. Who do you believe are his target demographic? Old white men/women? How about young people, women and men, many of whom may be gamers?


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