Pastors Using the Pulpit to Endorse Candidates

There seems to be a disturbingly large number of pastors/preachers this election cycle breaking the law.

Yep, they’re endorsing candidates from the pulpit. That’s strictly against the law, which has been on the books since 1954.

According to this recent report from Politico, the number of pastors this year endorsing candidates from the pulpit has risen to 1600. The IRS? Nowhere to be found. The FFRF has filed suit against the IRS to have them enforce the law but so far, nothing.

This article should be an eye opener of all of us. The IRS really needs to use a heavy hand with these churches and remove their 501(c) (tax exempt) status. This would also hurt their parishioners of course because that would mean that their tithes or other donations to the church would not be eligible for tax deductions. So be it.

And make sure you read the article. Yes, Politico makes it seem it’s all endorsements for Republicans,but that’s Politico. Not very Fair and Balanced. The most awful is in the last paragraph. A pastor in San Diego is endorsing a Democrat because his Republican opponent is gay.

Sometimes, you have to use a legal hammer to get someone’s attention. I’m not a huge fan of the IRS, but come on, this is just basic lawbreaking.

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