Vote: It’s Painless

If you’re in the U.S. make sure you take a few minutes to vote today

All elections are important and this one could change the make up of the Senate. There are Senate races right now that are “too close to call”.

It’s important to turn out as many voters as possible, although historically, midterm elections have low voter turnout. Voting doesn’t take that long, and it’s not as much as hassle as many believe.

I just returned from my precinct and I was the 95th to vote so far today. I live in a small town(~ 50K) and it’s only 10:15 here so I’m not sure what the numbers will eventually be where I live.

Look, it comes down to this and you hear it all the time, if you don’t vote, don’t complain about the outcome.

It’s not just about these Federal choices either. There are going to be local and even state propositions on your ballot that will affect you and your family directly.

Make your voice heard. Vote.

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