Just Put the SOB in Jail!


I been watching a bit of a trend on Twitter. It concerns a pastor, in Louisiana that continues to defy a judge’s order to not hold services at his church. I see people on both sides of this issue. Of course there are the ones that claim it’s a First Amendment violation – the “Free Expression Clause”, but others say that his holding these services, with hundreds attending, are a danger to the community during the pandemic. Although I agree and sympathize with the First Amendment argument, isn’t there another way for this pastor to convene services without them being in person?

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I’ll Pray for You (No Thanks)


Okay, I’m writing a bit more today than I usually do, but I just saw a twwet from my friend Courtney (@godless_mom) that made me stop for a moment. As an atheist, I’ve had people that know I am a non-believer tell me that they would “pray for me”. But do they really? Some may. I have a friend, someone I’ve known for over 50 (yes 50!) years who is a pastor that has told me that I I do believe when he says that, that he actually does. Some Christians are actually Christian.

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Give Your Stimulus to Those That Haven’t Had an Offering in a Month


When I first saw this on Twitter earlier, my only response, as I retweeted it with comment was, good grief. Think about it, this pastor wants people to donate their $1,200 stimulus checks to donate it to evangelists, North American evangelists who haven’t had an offering in a month; missionaries, who haven’t had an offering in a month; music ministers, who haven’t had an offering in a month. I’m trying to remember, how many people have lost their jobs in the last month due to the government guidelines to avoid contact, basically to stay home as much as possible? Oh, yeah – 20 million.

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It’s Okay to Criticize Christians


angry beautiful girl pointing a finger at you on a white background

If you’re a Christian, are you really? I recently read some posts on Twitter that told me that I shouldn’t refer to anyone that claims to be Christian as, well, not so much. I don’t want to go to far here. People believe what they want and Christianity is so diverse, there sre some denominations that may believe that theirs is the only true belief. So, yes, probably all of these people are in fact, Christian. But I don’t see it quite that way.

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The Free Will Conundrum



I used to ask, as a Christian, why God seems to be absent from our daily lives. Forget about prayer, or even attending services, it seemed to me that God never cared about what people did. Think about al of the awful things that humans do to one another; All of the atrocities that have occurred during just your lifetime. If there is a loving, caring God, that cares so much about his creation (us) why won’t this God do something about all of the evil people do towards one another?

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