Another Hobbit Movie

I sort of feel out of the loop. I didn’t know there was going to be a 3rd Hobbit movie. Set for release in the UK this December. Good trailer.

I didn’t see when it was opening in the US…

3 thoughts on “Another Hobbit Movie

  1. I’ve been enjoying the trilogy. They expanded to story by rolling in things from The Silmarilliion and other Tolkein material. They’ve given the dwarves individual personalities- people forget what ciphers most were in the book. Often you didn’t know which one was talking. Most of the complaints I hear are from the OCD geek crowd, but they complain about everything.

    The Hobbit films have their flaws, but they’ve done epic high fantasy in a way not seen for a long time. I hope the success of this and Game Of Thrones can lead to more. A TV series based on Zelazny’s Amber Books or Moorcock’s Elric saga would be great.


    • Okay, you just jumped up 10 points by mentioning The Elrich Saga. I read those, well, a long time ago. They were at the time the best Fantasy books I had ever read. I’m thinking about ordering them and re-reading again.

      As for the Hobbit series. It’s well done. I haven’t read those books in years either. I was just surprised yesterday that a 3rd movie was coming out next month. In the UK for some reason. I didn’t see a release date for the US so I have to think it’ll be in 2015.


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