Attempting to Gain Favor With Your Lord and Master

Well, there are friends, acquaintances, and sycophants. Guess which one I’m referring to here?

This blog today from His Majesty, one of The Usual Suspects of course. Now there’s nothing controversial here at all, just that he’s not feeling well and he’s going to try and get through the day, go home, and get some rest.

Nothing much to talk about right? Well no, not on the blog but what I want you to look at are the comments. On this tiny post, about nothing really, 59 suck ups. It may have increased since I started writing this post.

This should tell all of us a lot about the commentariat over at The Usual Suspects, shouldn’t it? Really, how many bloggers you know that get that many comments on a post like that? My experience looking at blogs across the net? None. They all want to get their voice in, to make sure that His Majesty knows they are concerned over his health.

Sorry, but it’s just creepy.

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