The Intransigence of the SJW’s

A friend ask me last evening why I am writing so much about GamerGate? It’s simple. The anti-GamerGate crowd provide so much fodder, it’s hard not to write about.

This dispute started with people protesting the ethics of some “gaming journalists” and it still, in the main, is about that. Some people have said that GamerGate is missing their mark lately by talking about other issues.

Those issues though were not instigated by GamerGate supporters, but by their detractors. What would anyone do when they’re faced with allegations of sexism, misogyny, threats and abuse? You can either ignore those, or respond.

It doesn’t mean that the GamerGate revolt has lost focus. It’s still about ethics. As long as the primary goal is to clean up what appears to be a corrupt industry (gaming journalism), then why not address those other assertions?

It’s the SJW way. They can’t win the primary argument on it’s merits so they distract from that argument with absurd claims for which they have never, once, provided any evidence. Sure, there’s trolls that interject into any online dispute. I’m not saying that’s okay, but then where is the evidence of a single named GamerGate advocate making threats or hurling abuse against anyone?

Ignoring those charges doesn’t mean that they are true, but the SJW’s will interpret silence that way. It’s not about refusing to play their game by their rules. Change the rules. Challenge them for evidence of any allegation. They won’t be able to provide anything but second and third hand anecdotal “evidence”.

Don’t believe you’ve ever won with these people. If they can’t threaten and intimidate you into submission they’ll change their tactics. They’ll look for one, out of context statement some one made and turn it into “GamerGaters believe…!”.

Oh, did I mention they stalk your Twitter timeline? Those they consider “leaders” of the revolt, I guarantee they do.

GamerGate being a leaderless revolt is something the SJW’s can’t understand. There’s no one directing the others as to what to say, what not to say (yes, there’s a call for not being trollish, but that doesn’t come from any person specifically, it’s a mutual decision amongst the group), what shirt you should wear, or anything else.

People have encouraged others to write letters, to speak out about corruption to not cower to threats and intimidation. You can only be intimidated is you let yourself. So far, I haven’t observed that with GamerGate. If anything, the threats and abuse are met with a kind of morbid amusement. The tweets are retweeted so that everyone on the hashtag can see what depths of depravity some will descend into because they have no other retort.

GamerGate is about transparency, and ethical behavior. The distractions of late are just a tactic attempting to silence people. What the SJW’s have never learned is that this old, tired tactic, hasn’t and never will work.

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