Rocket Scientists and Shirts

I wouldn’t be surprised to see yesterdays kerfuffle over a project scientists shirt start being referred to as “ShirtGate”. Mark my words.

Here’s the best response to the rage blogs I’ve seen so far:

I’m betting the professional victims won’t be amused.


So a woman friend made the shirt as a birthday gift. Isn’t that interesting.
Notice the tag #shirtgate?

One thought on “Rocket Scientists and Shirts

  1. Surely you see the fallacious reasoning in this comment don’t you?

    The implication is that if she does object to or care about the “shirt covered in cartoon babes” then she must not be smart enough to understand rocket science. Mr. Lindsay is an idiot.

    The author of this stupid remark would almost certainly lose this bet. I don’t doubt that there are women out there who both understand rocket science and do not object to the shirt. I also don’t doubt there are women out there who understand rocket science and do object to the shirt.

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