Relentless Rabid Rage

I was waiting for this one. Yep, I knew the rage blogs would continue. This one more than any.

It’s just too much. Way over the top in my opinion. Now, it’s policing his speech. Are women going to start running from STEM because of a single quote? I doubt it and it’s representative of what the SJW does all the time.

Casual remarks, with a sexual overtone are now verboten don’t you know! Send him to the re-education camp!

Most people knew what he was referring to in that statement. Let me rephrase: most people that don’t walk around as professional victims knew.

At the end? It’s now all about misogyny. yeah, you read that correctly. A quote near end of the article is basically accusing the ESA of tacitly endorsing misogyny.

When did misogyny have to do with anything? You see? Victims. Always a victim. Children that need the protection from speech, images, and writing that doesn’t adhere to their dogma.

Yes, it is a religion.

6 thoughts on “Relentless Rabid Rage

  1. They also know that Buzz would have defenders so more folks would say “oh come on, it’s just a shirt.” Matt Taylor is an easier target with fewer people who know him as a real person instead of the cartoon his accusers are drawing.


  2. FWIW, what is hopefully a quick end:

    ‘Matt Taylor doesn’t answer question immediately, addresses #shirtstorm first. “I offended many people and I’m very sorry about this.”‘

    And a remark from someone I respect and who knows Matt:

    “@AstroKatie @edyong209 @TomLevenson @RachelFeltman I have spoken with him personally and believe him to be genuinely remorseful.”


    • Thanks for the update. I can see that there will be an end of this for some, but others will continue to ask “Why did he wear the shirt in the first place?” and “Too little, too late.” Even though the blogs might subside for now, look at Matt being used as an example of misogyny in the future in other posts.


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