The White Knights of anti-GamerGate

Why are the most virulent anti-GamerGate statements coming from men?

Sure there’ve been tweets and some articles and blog posts from women, but the face of the anti-Gamer-Gate crowd is conspicuously male. Forget about Sarkeesian, Wu, and Quinn, they’re just being used as an excuse to promote the delusion that gamers are anti-woman.

I really don’t know anything about Wu and Quinn, other than what I’ve seen written about them on the Internet, but Sarkeesian has be written and video-blogged about for at least two years. This is a person that, as is well known, is constantly criticizing not only the gaming community but game developers for their seeming overt sexism and misogyny.

She’s a self promoter, you know, the Kim Kardashian of the gaming world. Someone known for well, nothing. She’s not and never has been a part of the gaming culture.

Still, those that write and speak about GamerGate portray her as the archetype of male sexism in gaming. She’s laughing all the way to the bank (can we all say ca-ching! together?).

I know what some women are going say in defense of those men: Women will just receive abuse, rape and death threats if they dare and speak up. Look at Sarkeesian! The difference in this case is that the death threats, the abuse have come from those men that have become their puppets. Those that promote “Social Justice” in gaming, as in the 3 mentioned above, are interestingly silent when it comes to the same abuse hurled at men.

In fact the entire Social Justice Warrior cabal have done nothing to discourage statements or articles written about GamerGate, referring to supporters as terrorists and and worse. Not a single word has been written in the anti-GamerGate media condemning behavior directed at GamerGate supporters, many wishing nothing but some sort of horrible death to those supporters.

And these statements? Mostly from men. Yes, the women of anti-GamerGate tacitly allow violent statements and writing toward GamerGate supporters they would howl to the heavens about if these same statements were directed at women.

What do these men haters of the gaming culture expecting out of all of their malevolence? Whatever the expectation may be, I believe it will go mostly unrewarded. If anything, these men have only succeeded in ruining any reputation that they had in the gaming world. Those that are not known to have been part of the gaming culture? They’ve shown themselves to be nothing more than stooges for a cause that they no virtually nothing about.

For these White Knights of anti-GamerGate, it’s a lose-lose proposition. There is no upside to anything they are doing right now. I like the idea of watching them self-implode

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