A Smackdown of Bill Donohue from Conservatives

The outrage in Paris this week has sparked a lot of activity on Twitter and on various blogs, television shows, and radio as well.

We’ve all read some fairly awful articles in various publications, and even a few “pundits” on television blaming the victim. Vile.

There are some however that refuse to bow down to the politically correct that would try to make us believe that the fault of this massacre was that of Charlie Hebdo and not some vicious Islamist murderers. There was none more vocal about this than the Catholic League’s own Bill Donohue. He’s appeared on television and radio reaffirming what a lot of people already believe about him: he’s despicable.

What I found interesting the the last two days though were at least two people taking him to task for his comments. The first I saw was a blog by Noah Rothman at Hotair.

In his blog he mentions both Choudary and Donohue but spends a little extra time taking Donohue apart. Why do I mention this? This is a conservative political site. This actually shouldn’t surprise anyone, but I bet it does.

The final sentence in Rothman’s piece is poignant:

The Choudarys and the Donohues of the world are as dangerous, if not as criminal as Charlie Hebdo’s attackers. They cannot be appeased.

That’s pretty damning, don’t you think?

My next exhibit is a radio show. Yes, a conservative show. The Hugh Hewitt Show. Today he interviewed Donohue concerning is statements about the murders and yes, it’s pretty terrifying to hear the words coming out of his mouth. Here’s the audio:

I really hope that donations to Donohue’s organization start falling precipitously, but I won’t hold my breath.

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