Gaming Doesn’t Need Social Justice

I was having a Twitter exchange a while ago concerning the egregious “review” of Witcher 3 by none other than Anita Sarkeesian and her pet, Josh McIntosh.

Although I do not own the game, based on their comments on other games that I do own, I do not believe that either of these people have ever actually played any of the games that they have critiqued. Yes, I know I’m not alone in my opinion, and it bothers me that none of their supporters seem to be able to grasp this most basic observation. How is it that someone that is absolutely clueless about the culture of gaming become a self-proclaimed critic of that same culture?

Recall when Sarkeesian was on the Colbert Report and was asked to name 3 games that objectified women? Of course she couldn’t and sidestepped the question awkwardly. It should’ve been at that moment, among her sycophants, that the credibility of her anti-gaming campaign should have come under close scrutiny.

Of course it didn’t because the anti-GamerGate campaign has never been about games, but gender politics. As the SJW swarm has attempted to do in other areas, it has invaded a space, creating an issue where none previously existed.

Of course these rabble-rousers were taken aback by overwhelming negative response from gamers as they were when they attempted (and still are by the way) to infect a much more amorphous group: Atheists. In fact, just 3 years ago, atheists that refused to accept their redefintion of atheism were referred to as C.H.U.D’s.

There’s also a movement (tiny) within atheism to split off into 2 different atheist communities. Yes, one for the special, enlightened ones, and of course the one for the 99.9%. My response? AMF.

The same for those that want their games to be more socially (read: gender) acceptable. As many have written before me, go for it. Lobby to have your games ideas greenlit by major developers. If you happen to be an independent developer, then create and market games that you believe fit your ideological leanings. No one will care and those games will succeed or fail as others have.

The SJW’s persist in maligning a hugely successful industry and their consumers as sexist, misogynist, and racist, even though the demographics fail to support those allegations.

As with atheism, the warriors have failed to convince the hoi polloi of the rectitude of their crusade and their evangelists, like Sarkeesian, have become nothing more than buffoons.

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