Doubling Down on Stupid is Stupid

I just want to expand a little more on my post from Monday concerning Sargons conversation with Adam Baldwin. Yesterday, just for the heck of it, I tweet Mr. Baldwin with a link to “my take” on what I referred to as an “interview”. Mr. Baldwin, surprising to me, tweted back ouch. This caused a small tempest in my Timeline and generated a few comments, several from Sargon as to the inent of the conversation. It’s telling.

I use the word telling in that today, it appears Sargon has doubled down. You know, one of those things that SJW’s do when someone shows them to be an incompetent fool. He produced a 24+ minute video, Okinawa: America’s Japanense Colony, based on a question he asked Mr. Baldwin if America had any colonies, to which Mr. Baldwin replied in the negative.

Nice to see that the original purpose of Sargon’s conversation with Mr. Baldwin was to be nothing more than Aperica bashing. Not that any country is or has been innoncent in any of their past or current actions, but it became vlear to me that Sargon’s original intent with his conversation with Mr. Baldwin was to be nothing more than an ambush.

I have to ask myself why he would do this but it looking at this latest video, he did give subtle hints in the comments on the post I wrote. Here’s my evidence from the comments:

I can accept that, but then, the video today belies that statement, doesn’t it as he spent more than 24 minutes proving Mr. Baldwin did not tell the truth. Sargon then proceed to impugn my motives for writing the original post:

I never referred to Mr. Baaldwin’s political opinions and have no idea what they are. I found it rather insulting, and quite juvenile that Sargon would assume Mr. Baldwin and I held the same opinions. As I stated:

I have never cared about the politics of any actor, musician, or any other celebrity. They are welcome to support any candidate or any issue. I have never based my vote or opinion on any celebity’s view.

Sargon responded that he found a number of satements Mr. Baldwin made as being “quite bizarre”. As someone that listened to the stream, I replied that I did not find anything Mr. Baldwain had said as being bizarre.

Of course, in usual SJW, a tactic he often rails against on his channel, he proceeds to condescend:

Gee-whiz! Thank you so much! I am so honored you took your so valuable time to respond (Yes. that’s condescension).

Why am I writing this, you may ask. Well, it’s because Sargon tweeted his “Okinawa” video directly to Mr. Baldwin. I can ony think because he is expecting a response. I don’t know. I really can’t see Mr. Baldwin responding. Why would anyone want to give acknowledgement to someone who’s intent was to attempt to embarass and marginalize based on ideology? Your guess, is as good as mine.

2 thoughts on “Doubling Down on Stupid is Stupid

  1. Okay, I like Sargon for the most part but there are plenty of times when he lets his emotions run away with him and he just goes on long rants that sometimes just make no sense. Okay, I can accept that, he’s welcome to his own opinions, but he isn’t welcome to his own facts and there are times I just have to take a step away because wow. Just wow.


    • Thanks for you comment, Cephus. I find it a shame when some popular YouTube’er takes time to attempt to ambush someone they’ve invited. It doesn’t make any difference that the person is some celebrity or not. It’s just bad form in my opinion. Not to mention that in this case, the person mentioned was totally unprepared. I mean, hell, he was clueless as to Baldwin’s current project! That made me think, and Sargon’s comments made me really believe, that all he was about was ambushing Baldwin. How do you spell FAIL?

      Then today? To justify himself, he does create his own story to attempt to make Baldwin into a liar. Another FAIL.


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