#GamerGate: SPJAirplay: The Cluster

Well, Michael Koretzky posted an update today concerning the upcoming Airplay event in Miami next month and well, it certainly does look like it will be a waste of the attendees time for the most part. Well, at lest to me it appears that way.

Koretzky begins his update showing examples of some of the tweets he’s been receiving from both GamerGate supporters and detractors. Of course, only one of those comes with the GamerGate hashtag, yet he claims that both supporters and critics have found common ground on the subject of Airplay.

Although I am a critic of the efficacy of the event, and there are others I know that have similar opinions, I doubt any of us in anyway are in any agreement with aGG (BTW, Mr. Koretzky, it’s not AGG, but aGG.).

It looks like there’ll be less than 2 hours spent on the specifics of the ethical problems in gaming journalism before the lunch break. Well, I’m certain it will be able to be covered and Koretzky wants the GamerGAte attendees to submit five of their most egregious exampes by August 1. Gee, has he never heard of deepfreeze.it? Although I’m a critic of this as well, many people have documented several years worth of questionable, if not downright corrupt practices, of some of these gaming journalists.

Well, that was a waste of a Saturday morning wasn’t it? Let’s all head to the beach!

But wait! There’s an afternoon session as well. He’s asked attendees to consider this question:

How should the mainstream media cover GamerGate in particular and online controversies in general?

Sorry, what? Maybe the first thing that should be discussed is why has GamerGate received so much bad press from the beginning. A simple Google search will bring up an abundance or articles written over the last year. And what precisely is the purpose of asking how mainstream media should cover the movement? Let me save everyone some time: How about the mainstream media give equal time to supporters as well as detractors? There. That was simple, wasn’t it?

Next they’ve decided to talk about online controversies in general. Who cares? I thought this was supposed to be a meeting about GamerGate and now it’s been expanded into something that is not within the sphere of what was originally proposed. But let me give them a hint: Read the above paragraph.

Well, that’s it then, right? Let’s get to the bar! Wait.

By the way, for GamerGaters who are incensed about any talk of harassment, it’ll definitely be a topic in the afternoon. It’s important and it’s relevant.

How is this relevent to the ethics issues in gaming journalism or how the media have covered GamerGate? Is this just focused on GamerGate or is it a general discussion because if the latter, you probably beed to book the room for another day or two.

If it’s solely about GamerGate, what is it about harassment should be discussed? Is there a definition of harassment that will be proferred beforehand so that the attendees may be prepared to talk about it?

That’s a very fuzzy topic; Many people believe harassment is disagreement. We find that mainly in the radical feminist marxists that claim to represent all womens views as well as the regular Social Justice Advocates that fight for equality and against bigotry from behind their keyboards.

So, I will ask as I have in other posts, what is the purpose of this gathering? Since there will be no one there representing the opposing view, it appears to have no purpose whatsoever. Everything relevant to GamerGate can be discovered either online or by simple common sense (which , by the way doesn’t appear to be so common in this instance).

So, I guess we’re done now. Now can we party?

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