SPJAirplay is ButtHurt About #GamerGate

Well, it appears there’s a bit of self-created drama beginning concerning the upcoming SPJAirplay event in Miami next month. The majority of it appears to be over the actual schedule. SPJ wans to give the morning GamerGate panelists fifteen minutes to descirbe what GamerGate is all about. At least one of those panelists is demanding an hour.

Of course Koretzky blogged about it today, and until I see something from the other side, that’s all I am able to address at this point.

Koretzky begins with a a curious question which he utterly fails to explain.

What happens when you give GamerGate panelists almost everything they want at AirPlay?

They threaten to quit.

I’m not sure what he means by “give GamerGate panelists almost everything they want at AirPlay” and he doesn’t elaborate. Maybe some of the panelists are able to explain this but that statement sets the tone for the remainder of his rant.

In his next three paragraphs, I will give him credit in that yes, everything I’ve seen him write about this event concerning the panelists confirm what he said there. Why Oliver Campbell would call him about this is curious.

This led to the discussion of the time alloted for the explanation of what the movement is all about. Campbell wanted more time, an hour. Koretzky said no. His reason?

“If you can’t explain your movement in two minutes, much less 15, no journalist is going to cover you,”

I find that curious because it doesn’t seem to me that Koretzky has any experience covering any movement of any kind. I agree with Campbell that it’s difficult to summarize a year-long attack on gamers in basically a sound bite.

Koretzky then begins to complain about not being able to get off the phone because its his dinner time. Uh, ever heard of the end call feature on your phone? To complain about that is ridiculous.

It also appears that Koretzky has been delivering chunks as he referred to them of these updates to a select few people and that Campbell admitted he had already read them (he was not in the group). If that’s true, then whoever it is that is dissemenating that information that seems to be agreed upon as private should be shamed publically. If GamerGate wants to talk ethics, well, this is an example of someone being unethical within GamerGate.

I want to address three points that he made in his post:

GamerGate is slash and burn. The movement can’t compromise on even the smallest of things. It’s all or nothing all the time.

I would say that’s a broad an unsupportable statement when you make it based on a conversation with three people. As to compromise, there’s nothing in anything written that suggests that you were willing to compromise either. Maybe you could’ve compromised and said, “Okay, how about thirty minutes?”. I understand you are the moderator and it’s an even hosted by SPJ and you have the right to determine the schedule as you plese. But to then accuse others of being unwilling to compromise? Jesus.

GamerGate is immature. Three grown men couldn’t let me off the phone even when I asked repeatedly and nicely. We had to resolve this right now.

Oh, boo-hoo. As I mentioned above, you don’t know how to hang the phone up? How is this in any way a definition of maturity, by the way? Then again, you make a sweeping statement about a movement based on a single conversation with three people. This has been a problem with the coverage of GamerGate from the beginning: poor research and analysis by the media.

GamerGate is all-consuming. I’ve volunteered three months, sat on a six-hour stream answering all questions, posted nearly 500 tweets, and sent more than 100 email replies. Yet apparently, I haven’t done enough.

Call the Whitehouse! Mr. Koretzky should be receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom! Note the word used: volunteered. No one sought him out and it looks disingenuous for him to mention the time and effort he’s placed into this event. Hell, since last year, I have over fifty blog entries about GamerGate. There are people who’ve blogged, vlogged a lot more than that. What’s the point here? Are you invoking martyr status?

Well, yes in fact, that’s exactly what he is doing. Read the remainder of the post. I’ll let the reader decide.

As I have written before, this is not worth anyone’s time or effort to attend. Now, it’s looking more and more as if it’s going to be confrontational by those at SPJ and especially Koretzky.

Of course, what happens in the media if everyone representing GamerGate declines to attend? Well, you noticed the dozens of articles written about the refusal of the opposition to attend didn’t you? Oh, that’s right, you didn’t, but be assured that there will be if the current attendees decide it’s not worth their time.

I think that GamerGate can take it. Hell, a lot worse has been written about the movement over the past year.

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