Brianna Wu Makes a Living From Writing. Who Knew?

Recall the other day when I asked why Brianna Wu joined the society of Professional journalists? Well, she made it clear the other day as she tweeted about it a bit. I’m not going to include all of the tweets it suffuce to say it looks like the real reason she paid her $75 dollars is that she could. SPJ membership doesn’t require the member to be a journalist.

One tweet did raise my eyebrows a bit and actually made me chuckle:

I had no idea that she was making so much money writing. I did a quick Goggle search and actually didn’t find that many recent articles. By recent, I mean in the last six months. Maybe my search was bad, but I would think that if she were such a prolific writer as to be actually making a living from it, that I’d find a lot more, a lot easier. It may be that she’s getting paid a lot for each article, but I doubt that.

This tweet also raised another question for me. If she’s “making a substantial amount of money from writing” why does she need a Patreon to support herself?

The last sentence of the tweet is especially amusing:

And I do take great pains in my fact checking.

That one is absolutely lol-worthy. Of course, she may just being facietious here but more than not, it’s a blatant lie. I could list all of her recent “truths” here, but I’m sure, like me, you’d be bored with that as most of you know that statement is not true.

I’m guessing that any momeent now, the SPJ will be calling upon her to deliver a seminar for their members on ethics.

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