It’s Not A Debate, It’s a Beauty Pagent


I won’t be watching either debate on Fox tomorrow evening. Either debate? Yes, there are two: the earlier one is for the seven bottom tier candidates and the later, the top ten.

I won’t be watching either, not because I’m completely uninterested in politics or that I don’t fnd one or two of the candidates interesting, it’s that first, it’s too damn early for me. I mean, really, the election is more than a year away and they want to have a “debate” fifteen months out from the election.

Second, it really isn’t going to be a debate, it’s going to be nothing more than a beauty pagent with each candidate being gven a few minutes to answer a question – no debate – just their stand on some particular issue. You can’t really have a substantive debate with seven or ten people. Maybe three at the most, but ten? A waste of time. Besides, the interesting clips will be all over the news in the following days with gaffes, and controversial stands.

Lastly, I think the later broadcast will probably receive a huge audience (for cable news) for no other reason than Donald Trump. Yep, people love a train wreck and he clearly is in this “campaign”.

If they really wanted to increase the ratings, my suggestion would be to have a swimsuit competition.

One thought on “It’s Not A Debate, It’s a Beauty Pagent

  1. I tuned in to the second of the two debates, mostly to witness Trump in action. You are right that it is too damn early, but I imagine it will take them awhile to weed out so many candidates. The moderation was rather interesting, as it seemed to encourage the candidates to insult each other.


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