Get the Popcorn: An SJW Meltdown


Many of us knew this would happen: what appears to be a complete meltdown over at Freethought Blogs. It’s really amazing it took this long but it’s starting to happen with bloggers going after other bloggers, commenters going after some of the same bloggers and each other, the owner of the network quitting, while the rest of us sit back and just and watch the ever increasing drama.

It was bound to happen. I mean, how long can anyone continue to demonize other people, and some of these bloggers have been doing it for years, before there’s no one paying attention and you have to turn on your own? It’s the final phase of an SJW tactic: eating your own.

We all saw this during the inception of Atheism Plus, you remember that, don’t you? Some were exited for the opportunity to inject humanism into atheism. There were blogs about it (mostly from FtB) and participants even set up their own forum to promote their newly realized religion.

A+ quickly started going downhill when people were constanly being banned from the forum for “JAQing off” (Just Asking Questions) which is a no-no in SJW land. People were reprimanded for using abelist terms like crazy and crippled. It got to the point, just like now, where the moderators of the forum were going after each other!

Of course, there are bloggers at FtB claiming that they are not, in fact, doomed to disappearing: here and here, but it looks like so much bitter tears.

I really don’t understand how those at FtB could not predict this eventuality. They’ve spent years smearing other ateists and skeptics, taking others words completely out of context, accusing prominent names of sexism, misogyny, pedophelia, and even rape without consequence. In fact, from their sychophants, they received nothing else than high praise.

When one of their own writes a blog that seems to offend a certain segment though, and the cries of transphobia abound, what’s the response? Well, it’s that those same people have mischaracterized that blogger; they’ve taken it upon themselves to smear and defame. Taken the quote completely out of context. Wait, what?

The lack of self-awareness there is just astounding. There’s another word for it: hypocrisy. Even though many of us on the outside have been pointing that out for several years now, it looks like some of those of the inner circle are becoming aware of it as well.

There is no moral high ground that those certain bloggers at FtB hold. They never have. I don’t want to cut a wide swath and say that every blogger at FtB holds that distinction: most of you know of whom I speak. It is however that some have claimed that high ground, without ever demonstrating their deserving same.

Is FtB doomed? I don’t really know but I can say that the monster has been revealed. It’s going to be really difficult in the future for any of these particular bloggers to claim their moral superiority to atheists and skeptics as a whole.

The positive about this debacle is that there may be a new level of skepticism coming to FtB from their regular commenters and maybe from a few contributors as well. I can just vizualize the ban-hammer furiously at work.

We can only sit, watch, and make sure we have plenty of popcorn available.

8 thoughts on “Get the Popcorn: An SJW Meltdown

  1. If you’ve ever been through a church schism, this should all feel familiar. Everyone agrees on all the major points of dogma, but eventually the finer points become the focus of contention and everyone takes sides behind opposing faction leaders.

    “Are transwomen women?” is the question of the day. For some it is an open question, for others (including SJWs and TERFs) it is a political litmus test. A+ aligned commenters are relentlessly pounding anyone who dares to say that it may be a difficult question to answer, if taken in a certain way. Funnily enough, Benson and Brayton are on the side of open debate and discussion (this time around) and must seek out a platform which will provide them a space for such freethought — in more than name only.


    • I didn’t want to delve into the “TERF Wars” over at FtB because I have a similar conundrum: are transwomen women? I honestly don’t know. I have little knowledge of the subject so I don’t believe I am qualified to make a definitive statement one way or the other. I leave that to the professionals and not to just some blogger with an opinion.

      I do think it’s interesting however that Benson and Brayton have been driven out of the circle of archangels. Little did they know that what goes around comes around applies to them as well.


      • I doubt either of them will miss the North Korea clone that FTB has become. I personally see no reason why a person who has had a sex change should not be considered to be the gender to which they transitioned. That’s just basic humanity.

        I’m happy to see FTB crumbling. The nonsense over there does no favours to the sceptical and atheist communities. How can it possibly be free thought when dissenting views, even when minor, get dog-piled by SJW nutters looking to exact compliance? There cannot possibly be a rational discussion in that environment of absolutes and pure ideologies.


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