SJW’s Will Never Win

I often wonder why the SJW atheists seem to hate the rest of us so much. I don’t really like using the word hate, but it seems to be the only word I can conjure that expresses what I see from them on an almost daily basis.

I believe they don’t understand that they do not speak for atheism. Atheists are a strange bunch: individuals that came to be atheists for different reasons. We don’t all march to a single beat. We are independent thinkers, not the type of people needing to be schooled in our daily lives. It’s why we gave up religion: having people tell us what’s right and wrong.

This is what the atheist SJW crowd is more like: a religion, and damn you if you disagree with what they have to say. Damn you if you happen to have an opinion that’s outside of what they’ve deemed acceptable. Damn you for being an independent, skeptical, thinker.

They love to police not only ideas, but speech in general. They want to shut down any and all of those who dare to speak up against their authoritarian nature. They view mockery as harassment; Claim they are being oppressed because other atheists will ask them for proof of what they say.

They despise words like dialogue, believing there is no need for conversation about any subject. We’re all supposed to just sit down, shut up, and believe whatever they deign to impart to us from their high mount.

They love to use all sorts of -isms to refer to their perceived enemies: sexism and racism in particular but are also wont to accuse others of being homophobic and xenophobic. Oh, and let’s not forget the favorite, misogynist.

They seem to be incapable of skeptical thinking. At least that’s what I’ve seen. They cannot believe they are wrong no matter how much proof is presented to them that indicates that what they are currently espousing is incorrect.

They cannot understand why they are so disliked by other atheists. Of course, this is because of the above paragraphs but they seem to be incapable of understanding any of this. They continue to go on their merry way, oblivious to the fact that as time passes, they are slowly losing the battle of political correctness.

This is a battle that should never have begun. We are all, all of society, to blame for the excesses we’ve allowed SJW’s to inflict upon us. It’s going to take a long time to undo the harm they’ve inflicted.

5 thoughts on “SJW’s Will Never Win

  1. In many respects, I think they have already won. I don’t mean the SJW atheists specifically but the more general sort of SJW. Just look at how prevalent and influential the SJW mentality has become. Many are still young, but they are growing up. Sure, there will be pockets of resistance and some influential anti-SJW spokespeople will continue to emerge to give voice to the frustration many of us feel. But they will be destroyed by the mob.


    • I think it’s important to speak up, and try to get more people to do the same. We currently seem to be heading towards a PC authoritarian society and if people refuse to speak up, things will only become worse.
      Most people I know are outraged about what they read/hear about but then don’t take even a moment to to anything about it. Write their legislators or congressmen. Nothing. Then another outrage occurs and that’s all I hear about for 2 days until the next one.
      I always tell them, “well, DO something about it!”. They give me puzzled looks.


      • I agree. The inaction is troubling. I guess the problem is that when it comes to SJWs, it is tough to know what to do. Much of their power isn’t coming through conventional political routes involving legislation; it is the application of social pressure, doxxing, and the like to achieve cultural change.


    • I cannot think of any major victories they have scored within organized atheism, other than very occasionally getting a blogger or public speaker blackballed.


      • What bothers me most is that the major atheist/skeptic organizations will not denounce them: Lindsay, Silverman in particular. They have been roundly trashed multiple times by these people as well as their organizations and missions (remember Jamila Bey at CPAC? She hasn’t blogged at FtB since 3 March) and they remain mostly silent instead of calling them out for what they are: hateful bigots.


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