#GamerGate: The Imminent SPJ Airplay Event


I haven’t written about SPJAirplay in a while. To be honest, I haven’t given it a thought in weeks. But since it’s an imminent event, I thought I’d take a look at the website to see who the final panelists are, and also to read Koretzky’s latest update.

Of course, we all knew that Bokhari and Yiannopolous were going to attend. I was unsure of whether Christina Hoff Sommers would make an appearance though. Happy to discover that she will indeed attend. I’m really pleased that Ashe Schow and Cathy Young are panelists as well. They are very thoughtful writers and that makes me believe that translates to this forum as well.

It really is too bad that none from the anti side deigned to be present. Not that I was looking for a (verbal) fistfight, although that might be entertaining, but if there were the same caliber attending from the other side: thoughtful, reasonable people, it would make a more desirable event to view.

I’m wondering how many pro and anti-GamerGate people will bother to take up their Saturday watching. In his last update, Koretzky says:

Whether they like AirPlay or not, this much I know for sure: Any serious GamerGater or curious journalist is going to watch it. Hindenburg or not, I just hope we all learn something from it.

Well, I’m a serious GamerGater but haven’t made up my mind about whether I am going to view the stream or not. Honestly, I’m more interested in what’s written after the event. I’m certain our journalist friends on the panel will be furiously recounting their impressions not long after the event has concluded. Well, after dinner and a few drinks.

If I do decide to virtually attend, I’ll be looking for trigger terms directed at panelists as misogyny, harassment, death threat, rape threat, etc. And if I do watch, every time I hear something like that directed at one of the panelists, I’m going to have a shot of tequlia. You should as well.

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