SJW’s: The New Televangelists


I often wonder why so many people allow themselves to be dictated to by a vocal minority. I’m referring to the SJW’s in our society that have no other agenda than imposing their values upon the remainder.

It’s puzzling to me: People widely complain about their rights being slowly, relentlessly eroded, all in the name of Social Justice, yet do nothing to stem that ever growing tide that will eventually become a tsunami.

When we have people like Anita Sarkeesian being added to the Time Magazine “100 Most Influential”, a person that desires to dictate to game developers what is acceptable or not and also given the “Humanist of the Year” award by Harvard Humanists, that alone should make everyone stop and think. All she has accomplished is con simpleton SJW’s into increasing her coffers.

These are people that do not believe in freedom outside of what they have predetermined are freedoms. They don’t care about the swath of destruction they may inflict on others, all they care about is their message. That message is oppression and authoritarianism.

Of course, when anyone does stand up and point out what they’re doing, the same people shout oppression and harassment all the while slashing and burning down any one that attempts to get in their way. They concoct wild fantasies of being threatened for their righteous causes.

Feminists scream Patriarchy. Their rights are continually violated and they are being discriminated against all the while having the right to speak, vote, drive a car, buy a house, compete for employment, receive education in any field and at any level they desire. Yep, that’s patriarchy for you. There’s a lot of women in other countries that would love to live under our patriarchy.

Speaking out against the SJW’ agenda leads to being shouted down. Not with reason, but with anger. They are known for tossing ad hominems as well as their own violent rhetoric (e.g. go die in a fire, I’m going to take a chainsaw and shove it up your ass, stuff a porcupine up your ass). They often tout facts that have been roundly debunked as in the pay gap between men and women and rape statistics. They confuse conversation, dialogue, the free exchange of ideas as being moronic. Free speech is mocked as freeze peach.

The SJW’s are the new televangelists, duping the poor and ignorant to believe that they can be saved and healed of their social infirmities, but only if they’ll send in some money they don’t have first. Drink the kool aid and all will be well. God Bless Patreon!

One thought on “SJW’s: The New Televangelists

  1. “I’m referring to the SJW’s in our society that have no other agenda than imposing their values upon the remainder.”

    These so-called SJWs argue loudly, passionately, sometimes with a lack of civility. But “imposing their values on the remainder of us”? By what means are they doing this? They haven’t the actual power to impose anything on you or me or anyone else. You obviously don’t like the objectives which they support. And you obviously don’t like the tone and style which they employ in arguing for their objectives. But you are yourself way over the top in characterizing what they are doing as “imposing their values upon” anyone. Arguing on behalf of your values, no matter how rude, obnoxious and insulting might be the means by which your present and argue your case, is not akin to imposing those values on you.


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