Trump vs Kelly: Misogyny or Misrepresentation?

I’ve been reading and listening to a lot of commentary concerning Donald Trump’s comments concerning Megyn Kelly, of Fox News, post debate. Trump has his supporters and fierce detractors but I wonder if his detractors in this instance are correct in their conclusion?

Trump, being angry as he usually is, complained he was being targeted, specifically by Kelly, and made the comment:

“You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes,” Trump told CNN’s Don Lemon on Friday night. “Blood coming out of her wherever.”

Of course, people immediately jumped to the conclusion that he was referring to Kelly’s menstrual cycle. That may well be, but why go immediately there and why didn’t the interviewer, Dom Lemon, ask him to clarify what he was referring to with that statement?

Now Trump is being labeled, fairly or not, as a sexist and misogynist, possibly only due to either a misstatement or, stay with me here, a misinterpretation.

Why is it that this has become a controversy? Well, it’s about a woman, of course. If Trump had said the same thing about say, Bret Baier (another Fox moderator of the “debate’), would anyone have taken notice? Hardly. Suddenly, this is another example of the “War on Women”. A war that doesn’t exist except in the simple minds of the left wing (and in this case, right wing as well) media.

The media hate Trump for taking all the oxygen out of the room. He’s not a serious candidate. He’s an entertainer, a clown. Yes, that’s how he’s being depicted in the media. Yet for some people, he resonates.

Don’t get me wrong, I am far from being a Trump fan and yes, he is nothing more than a clown in my eyes. Right now though, he’s a lightning rod: attracting those that believe the status quo in Washington needs to be upturned. The elite political class does nothing for the average person, and are subservient to the special interests that put money in their pockets for the next election.

Well, that’s largely correct. Those people hate him because he points that out and their media minions are all to eager to make charges of sexism and misogyny to try and bring Trump down.

He’ll eventually run out of steam as soon as people start realizing he’s a one trick pony. Until then, we can all sit back and enjoy the circus.

4 thoughts on “Trump vs Kelly: Misogyny or Misrepresentation?

  1. On at least one point we do agree: Donald Trump is a clown. And although I would not myself apply the label of misogynist to him, I have no doubt that he holds sexist views toward women.


  2. Whether it is labeled as a “war” or something else, there certainly is an assault on women’s reproductive rights taking place in this nation. Perhaps you don’t see this assault because you aren’t one of the participants in the assault and you certainly aren’t one of its intended targets. If you support women’s reproductive rights, fine. This only means that you aren’t one of those who through use of legislative policy is attempting to seriously restrict women’s reproductive rights. To those women and men who support women’s reproductive rights, a “war on women” is a fair description of these efforts on the part of some conservatives to deny women the legal and constitutionally protected right they have to an abortion.


  3. “Right now though, he’s a lightning rod: attracting those that believe the status quo in Washington needs to be upturned”

    He’s attracting more than just this demographic. He is attracting racists, sexists and bigots of different stripes.


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