#GamerGate and #SPJAirPlay: Keep Your Expectations Realistic


With the upcoming SPJAirplay event, I would caution everyone not to set their expectations too high. Although this is a perfect time for GamerGate to finally be able to set the record straight, and hopefully there will be significant attendance either in person or virtually from independent journalists, don’t be surprised if nothing comes from the event.

Why do I say that? Mainly because most of the mainstream media have already bought into the narrative that GamerGate is a hate group. We’ve all seen it time and again in multiple publications as well as radio and television. In the short time available, I believe it’s going to be difficult to rebrand GamerGate for these journalists.

It’s possible, but I’m not holding my breath. I said before that I probably wasn’t going to view the event but had not made up my mind. Currently, as we’re only 3 days away, I believe I will view the event. At least as much as I’m able.

Something I find really curious about the event is the security that’s been arranged. I can understand having some cyber security just in case someone attempts to hack and disrupt the feed, and one or two security people, but there appears to be some significant physical security hired as well.

I’m not the paranoid type at all, but when someone hires professional security in case of trouble or a threat, that makes me believe it’s possible that SPJ and Koretzky in particular have received threats.

Of course I don’t expect him to post those. The security people probably told SPJ and Koretzky not to post. That gives the security people the upper hand if any of the threats look like they may be real. It gives them a opportunity to investigate beforehand and categorize any that have been received to date.

We all know that it hasn’t been GamerGate that have harassed, threatened, or doxxed people. It’s the aGG people that are responsible for those acts. Sure, some nut or two that has posted under #GamerGate may have tweeted something, but the overall majority (dozens) of threats I’ve seen over the last year have come from aGG.

Still, I hope the event goes off smoothly without any disruptions. The aGG’s are mostly cowards after all. That’s why none of them will attend to discuss their side; They know their narrative will be destroyed before the lunch break.

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