The Future of a Hate Site

Since Brayton has abruptly left Freethought blogs, is it Myers that has taken the reigns? It appears so as far as anyone knows. Will anything change? It’s doubtful.

It really wasn’t a big jump to see Benson leaving, since she refused to clarify her original statement concerning transgenders. Of course she wouldn’t. Everyone understands that some of these “writers” at Freethought Blogs are incapable of admitting being wrong.

But Ed’s leaving was a bit of a surprise to many. He attempted to justify the change by claiming medical issues but what is really tellin is this:

But along with that has come a great deal of drama and stress. I’ve endured several threats of lawsuits against me as the owner of the network over the words and actions of others. I’ve had continual demands that I do something about this or that blogger, that I throw them off the network or censor them.

Now of course several bloggers on that network have made a call to support Ed in an upcoming lawsuit. Except for one, who’s placed another booty call out there.

If I were to do the same, write what could be considered libel, then not only would I be sues, also the network owner. One thing that Renee Kelly told me early on was write what I want, but be care of accusing someone of something you cannot prove in court.

So now Ed Brayton has entered the hospital. I really do wish him well. But if his hospitalization is partly due to his apparent negligence in moderating his site, then he’s reaping what he’s sown.

Will Freethought Blogs continue? Well, yes they will. There are a few really good bloggers there and it’s a shame that they are categorized with the few that spew hate and division. I hope that many of these decent people will find a new home for their blogs.

It’s time for people to realize what Freethought Blogs represents and instead of ignoring their ignominy, avoid them like a plague.

One thought on “The Future of a Hate Site

  1. At some point, it would seem like the “few really good bloggers” would jump ship so as not to be associated with those who are behaving so poorly. That they do not do so raises questions.


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