Arthur Chu Weighs In (Of Course)


For some reason, I knew someone would ask Arthur Chu about the bomb threats at today’s SPJAirplay in Miami and of course, he could not help himself but reply in his usual fashion.


Yesp, of course GamerGate is going to use this incident to lay the victim, as they did after the May 1 bomb threat during GGinDC. Yeah, that one’s still going on, I hear. I can’t view my timeline at all without seeing it flooded with victimization tweets.

Oh wait, in fact, no one mentions the incident. After the first few days when there were articles and blogs written, a few videos produced, no one has regularly mentioned it all all.

Weird, isn’t it. One would think that based on that statement that we’d still be crying and wailing about being victims of the aGG’s. Nope. I don’t expect this one will stay alive that long as well. Just like this blog, there’ll be some commentary and I expect a video or two as well not just discussing the threats, but the SPJAirplay event overall.

I was wondering though is there are those that seem to constantly play the victim. In fact, some of thes, if not all, are allies of Chu himself. You know whom I am referring don’t you? Let’s name 3: Sarkeesian, Quinn, and Wu. Yep, these are 3 women that are constantly claiming victim status to scam money out of their followers. I wonder if Arthur himself donates to any or all 3 of them?

How would he refer to them, I wonder? Certainly victims and of course of terrorism by none other than GamerGate. Of course, there’s never been a scintilla of proof that GamerGate has had anything to do with the “threats” any receive. In fact, there’s been some evidence that at least a few of these threats are wholly fabricated.

But it’s a good thing there are people out there like Arthur Chu to point out the malfeasance of GamerGate, isn’t it?

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