The Failed Cult of Atheism Plus

I just read a good post by my friend Damion this morning concerning Atheism Plus. Like him, I really haven’t thought about it much over the past few years.The movement basically imploded upon itself and that was not due to the detractors of A+, but due to the those that vigorously espoused the movement.

The problem, in my opinion, with this supposed radical movement is that they tried to enforce groupthink. No one was allowed to have a different point of view on any of the sacred topics of A+: gender, race, ethnicity, feminism, etc. than those that were approved the the central committee. In fact, the infamous blockbot was created in due course to allow those too fragile to hear any dissension of their hyper-views to filter by blocking those views on Twitter.

It became that, as usual, these same people started eating each other over the misuse, according to the dogma of A+, of words or phrases.

And that is really what caused the implosion. None of the people involved in A+ realized that people are not just separated by race, gender, and ethnicity, but by geography and personal experience. We can all make every effort to minimize and eliminate bigotry in any form, but no one should expect others to ignore their own experience. Shutting down the conversation, excommunicating people just because their life experience doesn’t emulate the accepted doctrine shows a level of immaturity and an intellectual vacuity.

If we, as atheists and humanists want to be instructed what to think and believe and especially how to act in public, we should probably go back to whatever (if any) theistic background we came from.

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