Disgusting: U.S. Punishes Soldiers Assisting Child Rape Victims

This story is really disgusting. Everyone that reads this should be outraged and start emailing/tweeting/ or calling their members of congress to get the White House to respond.

What am I talking about, well The New York Tmes have broken a story about child abuse (rape!) by Afghan military/militia/police and U.S. soldiers that attempt to intervene are punished by the DoD. Here’s two stories from the NYT here and here. I honestly had not heard of this story (surprising, isn’t it?) until two people I follow on Twitter made me aware.

So, you think the White House, when informed about this situation is going to take immediate action. Nope. The Ahmed Mohammed visit along with the Pope is much more important than the rape of children by Afghan military.

Oh wait! The DoD is going to make sure that these allegations against Afghani’s are held to account? Well, it’s an Afghani matter to punish these offenders according to the Pentagon.

“What’s talked about in this, while abhorrent, is fundamentally an Afghan law enforcement matter and those are reports that are given to the Afghan government,” Davis said.

Fourteen years, a trillion dollars, nearly 2400 deaths, and the U.S. allows child rapists to run rampant.

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